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The World of Namori Kao

A Fantasy RP community

Fantasy Forum-Based RP
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The World of Namori Kao is set in 17th century in the tiny isolated island of Namori Kao, just off the coast of Japan. The island of Namori Kao is beautiful, littered with cherry blossoms, volcanos, and hot springs. Our villages are very diverse, but mainly maintain the same outward appearance of cobble stone roads with low wooden houses and lanters lighting the sidewalks, except up in the mountains, where one might find a very differant atmostphere.

We didn't put alot of structure into Namori Kao because we want to give players the freedom alot of RPGs lack. its bare boned on purpose so that the members have a chance to make the world the way that they want it.

We are an adult only community, the world of Namori Kao is not for children. Because of this we have very little rules as to conduct, Namori Kao, for the most part, is a lawless land. However there are watchers, and should one person cause too much of a disturbance (harassing another player of violating a rule) then they will take action. When applying for Namori Kao, please make sure you have your birthday information filled out, so that we can make sure of your age.

Rules are simple:

Characters must be approved by the moderators before use. Please post your Bio

applications behind an LJ cut, with "[character name] Bio Application" in the description/title

You may create as many characters as you like, just please remember to put the name of the character you are posting for in the title/description of your post.

No God characters/super characters. Thats no fun.

One post at a time per character, please wait for someone else to post before youd character posts again.

Please make your posts detailed and interesting.

No killing another persons character without their permission.

Please keep out of character posts to comments pages only.

While Namori Kao is a world accepting of all types of people, Gay, Strait, Furries, BDSM oriented, what have you, please keep graphic sexual content to a minimum unless absolutly nessescary to your story line. If its nessecary, please put a note in parenthesis above your post.

Currently the races of Namori Kao include:
Vampires (Vampiric characters must adhere to weaknesses as well, no sunlight for example)

(other races can be requested and approved.)

You can find the Bio Application Form on the first page of the Namori Kao history.

Moderators: kain_ravnos and wulffie