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September 11th, 2004

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01:16 am - Raey Victus Biography

Name: Raey Victus Age: 17 (althoguh she has the mentality of a 7 year old most of the time.) Race: Anthromorphic (furry) feline Place of Origin: Height: 5 feet tall

alignment: Light

Weight: Her body is small and compact, her waist tiny, her breasts not too large, maybe a B or a C cup at most, and her long agile fingers are almost always busy playing with something. Hair colour: She has long cascading blue black hair, in big bouncy delicately waving curls, that falls down her shoulders reacing her mid back. Flesh(fur) Colour: cream coloured fur and small light grey spots scattered about her tiny form Accoutrements/short description: She has big wide grey eyes, with long velutinous eyelashes that instinctivly bow to anyone aproaching her, her full pink lips almost always parted at least a bit, and her little cute nose wriggles with every new scent. She wears a heavily boned silk corset containing her tiny figuer, which keeps her back sharply arched allowing no room to slouch, and a long purple silk skirt attatching to the corset at the hips, flaring out into dancing ruffles. The front of her skirt stops at her knees, revealing deep dark navy ruffles under the layer of silk, and gets longer int he back, trailing behind her. Her legs are covered by sheer black thigh high stockings, and held up by a black lace garter belt with two black bows on either side of the clips. Her little ankles and wrists are tied with big beautiful satin bows, matching the colour of her dress, with little silver sleigh bells nestled between each bow, her tail is also tipped with a bow and a bell, and also has a feather dangling from it, a gift from an old friend. She wears little glass slippers with slight heals. From her corset to her shoulders there is two wide ribbons, reasting on her upper arms with long loose bows tied facing out from her shoulders. Weapon(s): None, Raey is non violent. Career: Slave Special Skills: Raey has been trained in service since she was a toddler. Short History: raey was raised in a castle on an island far away to be the perfect pleasure slave for kings and royalty along with many others like her. However sometime around the age of about 12 or so, maybe younger, the castle was raided by angry men with horses and swords. She witnessed her trainer, someone she affectionatly called Mr.Man, be sliced open on the floor while she was carried off by raiders who spoke a forgein tongue. As they where sailing to another place, they incurred a horrible storm, with 20 foot high waves, and blistering winds. the boat was shattered against some rocks, and most of the crew died, many of the slaves too, as far as she knows at least. raey woke up on the beaches of FurN with the waves hitting her tattered dress, coughing up sea water. She wandered about nearly naked and confused before she was forcibly captured and brought to The Slave Pens, where she was cadged in a filthy cell and locked away for man moons, until finally she was rescued. a King from Cerridwyn came to the pens to free her, King Thanatos. She was rescued and spent much of her life there, serving in the royal court. She became so beloved to the King that he appointed her one of the highest positions a pet in the court can have, she lead the other pets and trained them, becoming one of his most cherished pet, second only to his Queen, whom was also a pet and ruled by his side. One day however, the king lost his mind, and cast aside many, including little raey... Forbidding her to have any contact with any of those inside whom she had grown to know and love, raey wandered FurN alone and confused.... Without the walls and moat of Cerridwyn and the Knights Guild to protect her, she was fair game for the horrible men that once hunted her. Her only hope was that they had forgotten about her, and wouldn't try to reclaim her and make another pretty penny on her good looks and excelent training. She had gotten lucky the first time, she didn't want to take another chance. However raey, being rather gullible and ignorant to the more illicit ways of people, was soon tricked and brought back to a place called The Slave Chamber. Being Manhadled she was tossed into a dirty filthy cadge with many other filthy miserable beings... most of which didn't want to be a slave at all.... it made raey so sad... Her, being rather innocent, tried to talk to many of them and find our why they didn't want to serve, but it didn't take her long to realise this was a differant kind of service, these men where "bad men" as she called them, and they scared her. The bad men came and went, none really visted with raey, she was mostly left alone for the cheeper sluttier girls that had be trained or trained themselves in sexual arts, rather then the sensual like raey. she was bought, breifly, by her freind who gave her the feather. His name was Starfeild and he treated her very well, but he could only have her breifly. After many moons without him, wandering FurN alone, raey became worried. Her collar couldn't protect her as much as her Master could. She was dragged back to the Slave Chamber and put back in a cadge, her collar cut from her with a sharp buck knife. She stayed there so long, any normal person would be crushed, and have lost hope, but not little raey, the little light of eternal sunshine in her heart grew strong, every day she talked about her new king that was coming for her, to all the depressive pen mates she had. They thought she was mad, but she kept her spirits high, despite the dirty looks. One night, late in the night, a band of angry elves swarmed the place raey was held, perhaps it was a protest, raey didn't know. Many of the slaves where freed. Raey, being confused about being freed and not into anyones care, asked one of the elves if they would take her with them. They laughed at her, but saw that she was serious, and probably couldn't handle herself in the real world. Raey was thusly taken back to the Elves camp in Namori Kao, and there she began her life anew, cooking, cleaning, and serving those in the Elve's encampment, the beautiful raey was, as she usually was, eternally content.

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