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Sudeki Biography - The World of Namori Kao

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September 15th, 2004

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12:51 am - Sudeki Biography

Name:  Sudeki
Age:  Immortal
Alignment:  Neutral
Race:  Varies upon visitor
Place of Origin:  The Cosmos
Height:  Varies
Weight:  Varies
Hair colour:  Azure
Flesh Colour:  Milky white
Accoutrements/short description:  Wears a flowing gown with every color of the rainbow that seems to shift as she moves.  Her lips are a brilliant shade of red, yet she doesn't open them to speak.  Her eyes also remain closed, the true color unknown.
Weapon(s):  None
Career:  Goddess of Fate
Special Skills:  In charge of arranging the fates of mortals, visiting special cases now and then to give cryptic nudges in the right direction.
Short History:  As with all the gods, Sudeki lived upon the planet long before mortals came into being.  In fact, it was she who suggested that there would be one place where all the gods could meet to converse.  That place was Namori Kao.  When the mortals came into the world, the gods left the planet behind as their legacy.  Sudeki took upon the mantle of Goddess of Fate, appearing to guide certain mortals to their destinies.

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Date:September 15th, 2004 05:08 am (UTC)
RULES ON GOD CHARACTERS (I know we hvae been over this in private, but I'm posting this publicly.)

They have to be approved by a Mod first, and be run by long time members with a good contribution record.

They CANNOT transubstantiate. in otherwords, they cant be on the earth plane, they cant touch, kill, or otherwise effect any characters, they can only suggest, prophetise, or give visions to characters. They basically can only serve as prophets and watchers.

This is NOT an ordinary character, this is a character used for enriching the storyline, they, once again, cannot not directly interfere with the storyline or characters, only give visions, suggestions, and the like.


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