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September 13th, 2004

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06:57 pm - Nuruhuinë

Name: Nuruhuinë

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Chaotic

Race: Appears to be human

Place of Origin: Unknown

Height: 5'11"

Weight: ~165lb

Hair colour: Appears to be black.

Flesh Colour: Pallid to the extent it is almost translucent.

Accoutrements/short description:

At first glance she appears a fairly tall, strong, yet seductive human woman. She stands just under 6 feet and is of moderate build at 165 pounds, but due to her imposing presence she appears to take up more than her share of space. This is due to how those around her seem pushed away as if by an invisible field. Her skin is pallid, and almost translucent; offsetting her curiously black hair quite starkly. Her hair which comes midway down her back and appears black, but if you look at it very closely you begin to see shimmers of purple and silver in the strands... you strain to see further, but then blink and cannot notice anything unusual again, still you wonder. Her skin is similar, its translucence appears complete, yet you are not certain what colours lie beneath -- it is almost as if they are constantly shifting, but the effect is so subtle and fleeting that you are not certain if it is real or imagined.
She is dressed entirely in black save a pendant hanging from a black choker around her neck. It appears to be of some greyish metal but it is difficult to make out its form in the shadow that seems to constantly envelop her. She wears a cloth cloak with sleeveless leather armour underneath that reaches to midthigh. Underneath her armour is a black blouse of very light material and she wears simple yet elegant black calf-length boots upon her feet. Her garments and boots are well maintained and of high quality, yet appear to be very well worn, perhaps ancient. At closer glance, though it is difficult to get one, there is something peculiar in their workmanship. You cannot recognize what it is that catches your eye. Perhaps it is the fabric which almost seems to absorb light. Clearly the work is exemplary, yet something is unusual, albeit only just so... perhaps something about the cut or style? You cannot figure it out.
As you manage to get closer, her gaze becomes more intense. Ignoring it you sneak a glance and notice some very small marks, almost like scars but too regular to be accidental, which appear on her hands and fingers, extending up her arm until they disappear under her clothing. They are small enough that a casual observer would probably not pay them much attention. You think you can see similar marks on the outward side of her calves but are uncertain.
Her form is slender yet muscular. Her height puts her above many yet is not enough that she sticks out very much. In many ways her appearance is mesmerizing yet also plain. When looking at her you are entranced but find it difficult to recall specifics mere moments later. She walks purposefully and with great confidence, but does not seem to be putting on a show for anyone. However, you cannot forget her eyes, which exhibit the same peculiar black nature of her hair.. seeming to shimmer, as if you were looking at the reflection of the moon in some deep and gloomy well. They pierce deeply into you in a predatory fashion and you cannot meet them for very long.
She does not seem to carry much, although you suspect she has a bag wrapped underneath the flowy cloak that envelops her body. You gather the courage to introduce yourself and learn her name is Nuruhuinë... a peculiar name.

Weapon(s): As she is, plus she carries an assortment of small daggers for primarily utilitarian purposes.

Tools: A variety of tools for silent forced entry such as picks, skeleton keys, grappling hooks, etc.

Career: Appears to be a huntress... of a sort.

Special Skills: Trained assassin and spy, Acrobat & Tumbler, Speaks Common, Undercommon, Abyssal & Infernal.

Short History: Has been working as an assassin for hire.

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Date:September 14th, 2004 05:18 am (UTC)
Approved. ^^

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