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September 11th, 2004

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02:33 am - Kain Ravnos Biography

Name:  Kain Ravnos
Age:  143 Elven

Alignment:  Light
Race:  Elf
Place of Origin:  Namori Kao
Height: 6 feet even
Weight: 175 pounds, a lot of it toned muscle
Hair colour:  Short, silver that hangs loosely
Flesh Colour:  Semi-pale
Accoutrements/short description:  He wears a black jumpsuit-like garmet with a short gray cape with various little golden decorations on it and the suit with crimson trim on the neck and sleeves.  He also has a pair of white gloves on.  His eyes are emerald in color and radiate both warmth and a hidden rage that is seen only when he's in battle.
Weapon(s):  Specially crafted and enchanted sword
Career:  Head of the Namori Kao Elven Encampment
Special Skills:  He knows special magic for both healing and attack.  Skilled in several weapons, but prefers the sword.  He also has a good knowledge of healing herbs.
Short History:  Kain was born in an encampment of elves that was known to drift about to find a permanent home after their original home was destroyed.  When he was a teenager by elf standards, he discovered that the leader was secretly using a group of elves to lay waste to villages and take their gold.  Outraged, he challenged him to a fight to the death for leadership of the tribe.  After a grueling battle, Kain finally emerged victorious, becoming the youngest leader in the history of their group.  With Kain at the helm, the elves finally found a home on Namori Kao and set up a homebase.  He resolved to use their abilities to help others, such as freeing slaves and stopping tyrants, which they have done to this very day.

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Date:September 11th, 2004 06:38 am (UTC)
Approved. Welcome! It'll be fun to RP with you again. Moderator rights given too, welcome old friend. ^^

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